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The girl gave him a lot he did not pick. Also made a lot of text messages seeking boy. More than half the boyish consumer to think about is also a girl not yet graduated engagement is early, and cheap Mulberry bags then gave the girl to play the phone said, do not set not set it, but next year you graduate, we must be immediately engagement, and only Prior to this engagement will not do bags go to your home certainly let your father take a look at, whether he agreed not to agree at least let him take a look at the bags, the girls agreed, saying that before this sure to let the boy to her home. So that they stay at home for more than a month on the school back to school. Back to school and the former is as good as gone fifty-one the brother of the girl to be married, the boy said to you with the bags go back to this time last year, six months is time, the girl agreed to the boy to bring the boy back. 51 when the girl, however, did not bring the boy home, boy this is really angry, tell the girl you one cheat bags, bags promised you things bags will do, even if can not do The bags also make bags the greatest efforts to be perfect, so to make you satisfied, but you promised bags so many times to go home with bags and bags engagement was unable to do bags they break up. The girl agreed to the requirements of the boys broke up. The boy was hurt, pain, wondering why, why bags you pay all the love and all, but you so many friends, including bags boy girl friend saw the boy ask the boy, the boy things said, everyone said that the girl playing the boy, said the boy Mulberry Factory Shop silly, should not for a girl to abandon the university, gave up the future, but the boy is to listen to every day drinking, he has the girl as his he lost the girl he lost all lost the whole world, and this time he did not

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